Exhibition by Biruta Delle at the Centre of Culture Ziemeļblāzma (Northern Lights)

Today is going to be a little detour (from Liverpool, that is). Today I was really happy because I attended this exhibition by Latvian artist Biruta Delle at Ziemeļblāzma in Riga, founded by  an owner of a lumber-mill, musician, self-taught person Latvian patron of art and culture Augusts Dombrovkis. I fell in love with the paintings by Biruta Delle while I was a student thirty years ago, when I saw her paintings for the first time, and she still is my favorite Latvian artist. Her works are very atmospheric, sensitive. endowed with amazing sense of colour and light. Actually through them one can retrace all her life, which has not been easy. She has had enough tragedy and drama in her life, but has remained loyal to art. When asked about the source of her imagination, she said: “What imagination? I do not have imagination.” “How comes? It cannot be.” To that she answered: “I work.” And that is essence. There are no days without painting. Actually paintings are her life, her lifestyle.

The monument to Augusts Dombrovskis, one of the first Latvian entrepreneurs.


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