A Glimpse of Liverpool. Part 2.

Liverpūle 010

So this is still on streets of Liverpool. Today I want share phhotos on Liverpool creative. That means those street moments which attracted m attention. Like this. You see street musicians whhichh you can see in all cities. My friens recognized that they were performing some Latin american song, probably even Despacito, I don’t remember. And performed it good. But pa attention to that older lad who is dancing to the beat amidst the street.


Liverpūle 078

This artist who makes his dogs of sand on the street.

Liverpūle 108


Look – Liverpool too has its China town with several restaurants where Chinese food is being served.

Liverpūle 130


Very interesting seemed this project of street music called Music stations. There are several of them, and everybody can take the place behind the piano and play if they can and hhave a feel for it.Liverpūle 131

For example a chef of the nearest restaurant on his break.

Liverpūle 133

Isn’t it cute? Hopefully he collected some money for his performance for it most likel was the reason of this acting.



Liverpūle 134

Some are there for money like this as well.

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