A Glimpse of Liverpool. Part 1.

OK, it’s a long time since I have posted anything in this blog, and it’s not because I haven’t seen anything, haven’t done anything, but about that later. Maybe I needed a break, was short of time, or maybe I needed to upgrade for my space here is limited and running out, so I’m not sure if this post will be completed, but let’s see. It is delayed again tough, since I returned 3 weeks ago.So I was invited to Liverpool, and had never been to Liverpool yet, but you have to take the chance when it comes, so I took it. I cannot say it was a complete success, but I saw enough of the city. Liverpool was all in expectation of Liverpool pride and this ear it coincided with the 50 ears since decriminalization of homosexuality. Took place on 29 to 30 of July. It was my first pride as well. We’ve had prides in Riga as well, and every time it is going to happen there has been some turmoils, at least at the beginning. Here the atmosphere was calm and friendly, and what is the most important, people seemed happy. For contemporary aggressive world maybe that is what really counts. Yes, the place of gathering was fenced, and there were security people at the entrance, but inside there were happy people. See yourself

Liverpūle 023Liverpūle 018

There is music and singingLiverpūle 022

and picnic tablesLiverpūle 019Liverpūle 020

and rainbow colours everywhereLiverpūle 021

I enhance this kind of gatherings as well as long as they bring people closer and help to overcome one of contemporary problems  – people nowadays are terribly alone – young, old and in the middle. And it seems that it is really more easy to make friends at least with persons of your own sex than with those of an opposite sex. At least for me women often seem more attractive than men. Albeit that doesn’t mean sexually attractive. I presume that enough people feel also sexual attraction, so let them, I suppose only that now among 8 milliards many tend to be different, they tend to break off the crowd and homosexuality may be one of trendy means to do so for those who are not sure of their orientation.


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