As it is going usually – one step at a time, but it is going forward, not back. Last week we finished our Spanish classes, and this is the result. Here you can see a certificate from the Centre Seneca. I have got a certificate also from centre Picacco, but our group didn’t do exams there, so certificate is only for the listening through the course. Nice anyway, because our teacher Emma was really fantastic, and these two courses at the same time were a bit difficult, but they improved my language skills immensely.

spāņu 002

So I am one step into intermediate… and it’s not far from the level, which I started my translations from English from.

At the end we made pinchas (small sandwiches) and had a good time with our professor Laura. And yes, I learned how to make easily guacamole 🙂

kabuki 010kabuki 011kabuki 012kabuki 013

So, if you have a longer stay in Latvia, I recommend to learn some Spanish during your stay, as our French girl Stephanie did. Look for Centre Seneca or Centre Picasso at the web, both are good, really.

Now, as always when you have got to know some teeny weeny part of something, I understand that it is only the beginning, and there is a long way ahead. Why? and For what? As I told, my dream trip is to the countries where Spanish is being spoken, and somehow I feel that it is coming closer. But even if I won’t manage the trip, there are always lot of Spanish books not translated and unknown to us. Say me Que tenga suerte!

For those, who don’t see benefits of language learning, I have found a nice article from Guardian. I couldn’t say better:



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