Yeah, yeah and yeah, this is it. My gut feeling was right. I chose this novel by Terry Hayes to translate because something inside me said that it is just what I need now. First I chose it because of the title (a familiar feeling that life is a travel, a pilgrimage to that sacred somewhere we all are going), then I chose it because of author’s other works, but the main thing was the general feeling that this book is for me. And the decisive thing here is not the main content, but all those tids and bits “my” books are full. For example, I even put up with The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton at the moment when I got to know that my son has started to make a miniature house for my grandson, and a miniature steamer, too. Which came as a surprise, but then I have that feeling that books for translation arrive in front of me because of some secret or profound clue or… is it just a coincidence?

Anyway the proof that this is “my” book is my first encounter with Beatle’s song Eleanor Rigby, written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon. Of course I know that for majority of people this song is nothing new, and completely possible that I have heard it some time and some where, but not paid attention to the lyrics. But here it is the best song about loneliness I have heard in my life. Thank You Sir McCartney

and to practice a little bit Spanish 🙂

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