Traditional Spanish Easter dessert – continued

So, so, I know, I know. Delayed again. Promised the dessert almost week ago. But OK, had to do so much. I beg your forgiveness (if anybody was interested and feel disappointed.) You see, I finished a book, I read the book, then I started to translate the next book. My household chores are even more neglected 🙂

So there is how to prepare tarrijas (how I saw it at the centre Seneca in Riga). The result was so tasty indeed. I know Latvians will notice similarity with what we sometimes cook for breakfast, but the main difference is in preparation of milk, all those ingredients that are added to it, and that make it’s very different taste. There are ingredients:

1 loaf of white bread, similar to French baguette

1 litre of milk

3 eggs

1 peel of lemon or orange

1 cinnamon peel

150 g sugar

Olive or sunflower oil

ground cinnamon and sugar for decor (to roll bread slices in)


Slice bread in 2 cm thick slices, but this depends on what kind of bread we use. If the soft part of bread is not very consistent, we have to make slices kinda thicker.

seneca 014

seneca 018

seneca 022

In a casserole start heating milk with 150 g of sugar, cinnamon stick and lemon peels. Heat at least for 20 minutes (don’t have to boil) so that spices give away all their taste. After that, leave the casserole to chill.

seneca 027

Soak the slices of bread in the prepared milk. Take out all spices before you do it.

seneca 057

Roll slices in the whisked eggs, and put in a pan with a lot of oil, and fry until golden. Then put the fried slices on the kitchen paper to get rid of excess oil. At the end roll the slices in cinnamon powder and sugar.

seneca 050

seneca 058

Ready! Easy, no? And a wonderful result.

But it turns out that not so easy is to translate from one foreign language into another 😀

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