DELICIOUS DAY with Spanish Culture Centre Seneca

As I have already told since beginning of February I am learning Spanish. One of the places where I study is Centro Seneca. I like it very much, but it is not only language. There are many other things about Spain and Spanish I get to know there. For example, once in a month the centre arranges those gastronomic masterclasses, which are lead by their founder and chief Javier, who is a fantastic person – he knows several languages, Latvian among them, does music, but is also an excellent (and enthusiastic) cook. Today we got to know how to prepare food for Easter fast. We made potaje de vigilia or Easter potage and traditional Spanish Easter dessert – torrijas – as well. Here are ingredients for potage: 4 handfuls of Turkish peas, 1 can of white beans, 2 potatoes, 1 fresh cod (as Javier said – cod is catholic meat :)) , 1 leek, 1 big onion, 300 g of spinach, 1 teaspoon of ground paprika, 3 cloves of garlic, olive oil and salt.

First things first. Let’s put peas in water for the night before cook them. They have to stay in water at least 12 hours to become softer. Then cook them at least 1.5 hours till they become soft.

seneca 021


Add beans to the peas.

seneca 012

seneca 013


Then add cubes of potatoes. Put spinach in a separate casserole and cook till water start to boil. Take it out and cut into rather big  pieces and add to the peas.


seneca 017

Then in a big sauce pan prepare a stir-fry, which is the most important part for this stew. Put in a pan onion, which is cut into small cubicles. When onion is golden, add finely chopped garlic and leech. Stir-fry all till everything is cooked. At the very end add paprika and stir fast. Add a bit of hot water and blend till get consistent sauce, which then add to the peas.

seneca 024

seneca 030

seneca 031

seneca 034

Cut the cod in big pieces without skin and cook it together with peas and beans 10 or 15 minutes before the peas, beans and potatoes are ready.

seneca 020

seneca 052

seneca 063

seneca 061

seneca 065


Buen aproveche! Dessert will come tomorrow!


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