LONDON AGAIN – From South to East

Yes, and then comes 21rd October, the day because of which I actually came to London. Remember? That event at Royal Geographic Society, which I wanted to see. I don’t know, maybe I just needed some justification for why I went there. Anyway, Ops, I did it again, namely I skipped the event. The day started all wrong from the very beginning. First, I spoiled my day not being able to operate unfamiliar laptops, and Macs they were. Then I felt already tired, four full days, full with everything. But I had real quality time with my little grandson. And then, when it was time to leave the house, it started rain cats and dogs. The only rainy day that week. And it was dark. No way I could go, right? But we tried out to make burritos with my son’s girlfriend. They were not the best burritos ever made, but not so bad either. Then on Friday, I decided to spend some quality time with my little daughter (26), too. But that meant that we had to go from the southern part of London to the East for she lives in Plaistow. We decided to try also London’s cable cars over the Tames. For information about them, see as article by Reuters

But to get there is not so easy and fast. First we took train to Victoria. From Victoria we took underground’s Jubilee line till North Greenwich, There we got to cable car. This reminds me my first days in London. For I started from Cunningtown. Needless to say that I had never tried underground. I was told to take Jubilee line, as if I knew what it is. And here I have to thank that older British gentleman, who albeit bit drunk, was so helpful and showed me directions, helped to find everything and even went along with me two stations, to be sure that everything goes well. And I am forever grateful to him. It’s amazing that nowadays still exist such people. Thanks to him I didn’t get lost that first time in unfamiliar city. I really hope he is well. Bur, letš return to present. Since batteries of my Nicon Coolpix went dead, credit for much better pictures, which follow here on my blog, are to Elvis Ābeltiņš, Litas’s brother, who went with us.


20141024_16332720141024_16450620141024_16571220141024_21463720141024_215008Londona gaisa tramvajs un AdamsLondona gaisa tramvajsLondona gaisa tramvajs2Londona gaisa tramvajs3

To get further from North Greenwich, we had to take DLR and bus to Westham direction. It was a journey!

Plaistow actually was nice working class borough of London, with cosy little shops and businesses everuwhereobviously full with highly religious people. The proof of which, I suppose, is this pic.

Londona Jesus BMW


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