LONDON AGAIN – Saatchi gallery (Ukrainian art now, Spasibo)

Now, one of the floors of the gallery is fully allotted to the post-soviet space, namely to Ukrainian contemporary art which considering Russia’s notorious behavior this year is of my special interest. There is also photo exhibition by well known Italian born photographer winner of several important international photo awards, Davide Monteleone about life in Chechnya now.

Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now aims to provide a broad introduction to the diverse and energetic nature of Ukraine’s art-scene through showcasing over 70 works by 38 artists.

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The exhibition takes over one entire floor of the Gallery and features work that has been made recently, but mostly pre-dates the social unrest and upheaval that Ukraine has experienced during 2014. However, the title acknowledges that since the early years of the new millennium, the work of many Ukrainian artists has tended to reflect, or even predict in an uncanny way, the growing challenges, issues and questions concerning their nation’s future identity and stability.

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Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now showcases an exciting group of artists who are relatively unknown outside their homeland. Some of the artists featured in this exhibition have established reputations in Ukraine, while others are recent graduates.

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Davide Monteleone – Spasibo

londonaoktobrī2914 138

Exhibition of work by the Italian-born photographer who won this year’s Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award. His photos are carried out in Chechnya between December 2012 and April 2013 and depicts the threat to the Chechen identity.

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