LONDON AGAIN – with Ethiopian twist

And here it comes – the unexpected! The friends working at Fara charity shop invited all my family to the Ethiopian restaurant. One of the girls working at Fara was Ethiopian, and she suggested this Ethipian restaurant at 174, Wandsworth Road, called Meskerem. The restaurant was not posh, exactly to our liking. The staff was really great, friendly, smiling, very attentive – what else you can ask for? I had never tried Ethiopian food, and it was delicious – spicy, let’s say – from less spicy to very spicy, but all just fantastic. As to me, I knew that some people share food from one common plate, and that was what we did, what added to this pleasant, friendly atmosphere. londonaoktobrī2914 082londonaoktobrī2914 086londonaoktobrī2914 085londonaoktobrī2914 087 And you get really full for about 10 pounds per person. Of course I do not remember the names of all dishes, which were served. I only know that it was lamb mainly, maybe lamb stew, served with Ethiopian flat bred injera. So it was intriguing, and I looked for some recipes at the internet.

Here is how to make injera. With video.

And here is a recipe how to make this lamb stew. The recipe is here I reblogged it from this wonderful blog. Enjoy!


2 responses to “LONDON AGAIN – with Ethiopian twist

  1. You are too sweet in mentioning my blog like that. Thanks! And I can imagine you do not remember all the names of the dishes. It is a bit hard to see on the picture, but it looks like you had kitfo (raw or hardly cooked beef) and mesir wat (lentil stew) besides the lamb. Glad you enjoyed it so much you shared it on your blog. It really is a fabulous cuisine!

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