And now about the second thing, as emotional as the first for I had not been in London for a year and was missing the city, the people and my life there. I was so excited several weeks before the flight. I think  I have mentioned my hate of the airports and RIX and Stansted is not an exception. I hope it will stop one day otherwise it won’t do good to my dreams. And then on 16th of October I did it. And everything was just great from the very beginning. I felt loved and expected then for once in my life. It’s extraordinary too, because more often than not I feel isolated and heavy hearted. Maybe it’s how my brain is working, because I see other people happy for less. But let’s speak about something other. I was moved that my youngest daughter brought me coffee when I got out at Victoria couch station. The thing that I needed the most. Say that your kids don’t know you 🙂 And that was 1 a.m. already. When we got to Clapham it was more than 2 a.m, and my third daughter, my son’s girlfriend, had prepared such a divine deer roast with dried plums’ sauce. Mmm. Delicious. And I was surprised to see that they have changed the whole interior. The most of all I liked the lamp shades made from baloons with the help of some glue. And it looked like this:

londonaoktobrī2914 015londonaoktobrī2914 016londonaoktobrī2914 017

New flooring and new table:

londonaoktobrī2914 018londonaoktobrī2914 195

And of course, cat

londonaoktobrī2914 012

No doubts, we got to bed late/early – so much to catch up with.


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