My October Highlights

They are two: London and a book by Deborah Rodriguez “The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul” or vice versa Deborah Rodriguez “The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul” aka “The Cup of Friendship” in American version.

1. Let’s start with Deborah and her book. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I am also translator. From English to Latvian. So if need come anybody can approach me also with some translation. Latvian to English also is available. But that is not the case I want to tackle here and now. I want to tell about this fantastic book. It is so alive and so vibrant that after reading it you’ll come out as having visited Kabul. But more about it in my next post. Needless to say that my October was full with this book for I was translating it to Latvian, and yes I can proudly announce that the work now is finished, and after a while Latvian readers will be able to receive this book in their native language. For those of you who read in English I seriously recommend to read this book. It’s worth the time. Not only you get to know the story but also Kabul, Afghan culture, traditions as well as political and economic situation will become clearer. As I promised, more about this book, it’s author and my thoughts while translating it, in the next post.

2. The other big thing is my visit of London. Again, I can remind that two of my children with their sweethearts and now also my grandson as well, as my amante still live there. But it was needed invitation by The Wanderlust Magazine

for their annual Travel Guide Award event, to get me there. Not that I expected to be there more than a space filler, but the moment that the event was going to be held in The Royal Geographical Society  intrigued me. Also I had  some dim idea in my mind to make maybe some contacts on travel writing in case I’ll get to traveling,  that’s it. How well I fulfilled my dreams again – in the next post tomorrow 🙂



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