Bridge From the One Side of the Universe to Another – Korean Interpreters

More often than not my passion for languages makes me ridiculous. I see it in faces of my friends and acquaintances. Like a question: What she is speaking about? What she is fretting about? Ok, let it be so. Just hurts that people don’t understand that knowing a new language can open a really new world. And if I were younger, I would definitely learn more languages now. As it is I just know English, Russian, Latvian and now I learn Spanish becouse of attraction that South America holds for me. When I was young there was a time when I was much interested in East of our globe. I really regret that I’ve never tried to learn any of Asian languages. As it is I’m very happy to have encountered on internet these amazing people. You too can meet them on Twitter Korean Interpreters (@interpretAsia). Or watch them on YouTube:


I am sure they can help anybody who is going to those Asian countries, which are mentioned there. Many people nowasays are doing businesses with those  growing Asian economies or just want to do. Think the market! And performers, and travelers, those are not just tourists, but want to know more about the countries they are visiting. I advise to connect with Korean Interpreters. Those are native and English speakers.  No matter what is your message they with no doubt will make it clear to the local people of business, of entrepeneutship or.. just any local people. And vice versa!


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