FOOD II Alicante

After having resolved my coffee problem it became more and more easy. On the first day though I didn’t dare to explore any further. I decided to try the easiest option and ventured to the supermarket, which luckily was near to our hostel. Since I enjoy all types of salads I supposed that they should have salads for sale because in Latvia it’s not a problem. I didn’t want to use any convenience foods since that evolve looking for microvawe or any cooking possibilities in the hostel, which I wasn’t sure were available. Mercadona is a nicely stocked superstore, and you can buy there lot of ingredients to cook a nice meal, except salads 🙂 Later I did my research, and, look, what I got to know in Wikipedia:

Mercadona (Valencian: [meɾkaˈðɔna], Spanish: [merkaˈðona]) is a Spanish family owned supermarket chain. Francisco Roig Ballester and his wife, Trinidad Alfonso Mocholi, founded the company in 1977, which began as a small butcher shop in Valencia. Juan Roig assumed the role of CEO in 1981 and the company has since expanded nationwide. In the 1990s, Mr. Roig oversaw a series of changes companywide and revealed the new façade of Mercadona which was able to compete with its French competitor Carrefour and the co-operative Eroski. Mercadona has locations in 46 provinces of 15 autonomous communities.

Mercadona was ranked the 9th most reputable company in the world in 2009 by the Reputation Institute as listed in Forbes Magazine. For full text look here:

The most difficult with Spanish food is to learn all the different names for meals. Even if you know the ingredients, it is difficult to orientate in the menu. So the next day I ventured in search for salads. When I asked something to eat I was presented a menu by a smiling and very kind barman or barmaid, but, as I said, it was of little help for me. Then I just looked for salads checking the most common of them. And I found out that the most common salads in Alicante are two. Everywhere you could get ensalada mixta – that means mixed salad or ensaladilla rusa – that means Russian salad. Ensalada mixta I have already introduced here:     This is my own creation, but I believe that it is very close to the authentic one. All my friends and kids liked it. I will share the recipe:

The portions are individual for each person. So, at first take a reasonable amount of any kind of lettuce leaves (look for those which are crisper, for example Roman lettuce). 3-4 leaves are enough. Place them on the plate. Add canned corn on top. Then place tuna chunks over the pile, cover them with bit of onion in fine slices, put some asparagus on top (I managed without, and it was ok). Then quarter one or even two boiled eggs, add to the pile, then slice or quarter a tomato. Add some olives and capers. Then pour over aceite balsamico. And that’s it! Easy, quick and tasty. And according to my culinary skills 😀

food 004

Buen aproveche!




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