FOOD I in Alicante

And here come a bit that is most popular in all the travel writings. Yes, you’re right – it’s food. No doubts here – it’s a part of culture of the country you travel through, as is also the way you get it 🙂 Due to my short stay I won’t be able to tell much about Spanish food, but I will tell about those meals, which I got to taste. And I will tell, how I did it.

So, after I got my room in the hostel – after explanations who I am, for what reason I am there, and why I am three days prior the school, paying for extra days etc. I understood in the morning that the only thing I lack is a good cup of coffee and felt so brave that left the very next morning to get one. Now you have to imagine yourself alone in a foreign city without a good command of the local language. Imagined? Well. here it goes. To grab a cup of coffee turned out to be extremely easy. I went out and was confused. Here in Latvia we have coffee shops on every corner. Not so in Alicante. They have cervecerias or beer houses and Irish bars, where girls don’t speak English which seemed amazing, and I had to ask if they have coffee too. Of course they had. Now, how to ask for coffee. Easy. Just say: un cafe, por favour. And then you’ll be offered cafe solo (which is very small and very strong), cafe con leche or caffee with milk, which seems everybody drinks there and cafe americano. That’s it! If you want one reasonably big cup of coffee take cafe americano.  Soon I had frequented three cervecerias – two next to the hostel and one next to the school. I call them mi esquinas (my corners) where I even didn’t have to ask in the end – they already knew that I need cafe americano and after short greetings asked: americano” Si si si, por favor 🙂 As easy as that. For me as a coffee addict and a Spanish newbie it seemed a great achievement. But it’s not all. You need something to eat as well.


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