So, here we are. Almost month already has flown by. Sorry, have been occupied. But it also has given me time to think over everything and to soak it in. So the main question is”Was it worth? What are the gains and what are the losses? The answer definitely is: All gains and no losses. Not a single loss, really. Even money this time was enough – a rare occasion indeed 😀

The only thing that I regret is too little time, it could really be more, at least two months. But as they say: We couldn’t have it all

Now about gains and they are unbelievable.

1) I got to see one more city besides Barcelona, to feel it’s spirit. Now I can really say”I’ve been in Spain;


2) Definitely I have improved my Spanish. Immensely. Actually two weeks have meant more than five years. I learned so many words. And grammar. And got actual speaking experience. I even started to translate a book from Spanish when got home! The only bad thing that somewhere on the way I lost the only person with whom I could practice my new skills. !Que asco! But I have learned not to regret anything. And we cannot have it all! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Isn’t it so? Yo sobrevivire. And I’m sure I’ll use this experience somehow in the future.

3) And this trip was such a boost to my confidence. because I – with my very limited Spanish could speak with Spanish people. Everywhere, At the hostel, in the bus, in shops, in cafes. And they understood my broken Spanish (I don’t know, whether this expression is applicable also to Spanish:) or only to English) and I understood them! .I managed all I needed: to order food, to ask directions, to share a roll up or two and many many more. You cannot imagine how this boosted my confidence, which always has been low. Now I definitely know that this is only beginning. If I can express myself and explain myself, I am sure I can do more. And I can go to where I wanted in the first place.


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