27th of July was my last day in Alicante, hot as hell and sweaty. I’m not a big beach enthusiast, although some girls from our group managed to visit the beach almost every day. That said and also because Alicante truthfully can be called a beach resort, at least in summer, since beaches stretch along all the coastal line. There are several beaches along Alicante’s coast, San Juan biggest of them all. The beach, the so called Playa Postiguet starts already at the city centre. To get to sandy beach you have to take bus 21 or 22 at the centre. Seeing that playas are along all the coast I alighted, of course before the final destination and decided to return to centre by foot. Aha, of course. How could I know that the coast is rocky and built over by hotels etc, and it is not so easy to get ahead. So I started climbing up and down and meandering through hotels, roads, drives and such. At one point I thought that I’ll get sunburned face and it won’t look good after skin will start peeling off. But thanks to almighty it didn’t get to that. playa 008

playa 010

playa 012

playa 013

playa 015

And then obstacles started

playa 017

playa 019

playa 020

playa 021

playa 022

playa 023

playa 024

playa 025

playa 044

And now we are back to centre and playa Postiguet

playa 045

playa 027

playa 029

playa 030

And working people selling crap

playa 050

and tourist entertainment

playa 051



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