Now I have two days only to myself before flying back to Latvia. I want to spend them exploring Alicante. I have seen much, and the Old city of Alicante isn’t big, but who knows, when and if I’ll be able to return. Today I did a round, but when weather is 30 °C, it’s not so easy 🙂 I don’t know is it due to weather, awful heat or so many activities in the previous days, novelty of all the situation, but I feel a bit tired, and all I want is to have coffee after coffee and cigarette after cigarette. And I want to get set to work again. Maybe I just haven’t used to so much of repose:) But yesterday I went round the city and I have so much photos. I encountered street artists. Seems to be common practice. Didn’t notice street musicians though like is common in Riga.

alikante3. diena 013


around 003

As I told before, there are quite few old buildings in Alicante and a lot of new buildings – residential and others, which are of high quality and quite interesting architecture, not like in Riga where residential buildings in the new districts, which are of soviet era, are already starting to crumble down. Also the new buildings of Alicante are impersonal, but the architecture is much more interesting. I think that the old roots of Islamic culture affect the style, too. There have been many mosques before, but later the Christians have built their churches over them.

around 004

around 020

around 023

around 024

How do you like The Bank of Saint Spirit?

around 025



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