At ther beginning a bit of history:

Streets decked out like the Middle Ages, magnificent processions, exciting mock battles…This is the festival of Moors and Christians: days filled with magic, legend and spectacle. For over four centuries, this festival has recreated the historic clash between two cultures. Come and enjoy this unique festival in which thousands of people take part year after year, all trying to outshine each other in splendour and brilliance.

The festival of Moors and Christians is a very old tradition that dates back to the 16th century. It commemorates the confrontation that took place between Moorish and Christian soldiers in the 13th century over the rule of Spain. The events are held in honour of the city’s patron saint who also played a decisive role in the battle. Thanks to the saint’s sudden and unexpected intervention, victory went to the Christians in spite of their being outnumbered by the Moors.

The attraction, grandeur and popular nature of these festivities have caused them to spread to many parts of Spain, although they are especially popular in Valencia and Alicante. There are many variations on these festivities, as each place has its own history and unique elements that set it apart from the rest. The festivals ofAlcoy and Villajoyosa stand out for their spectacular nature and both are recognised as being of International Touristic Interest. By taking part in this festive re-enactment, you will have the chance to discover an important piece of Spanish history, at the same time as you enjoy a festival which never fails to outshine that of previous years.

This week this fiesta takes place in Alicante. Of course, our group is curious, too. Here we are on our way to the central streets, where the fiesta takes it’s place.

moores and cristians 020

The city is full with anoncements


Right, the centre is full of people. The participants are wearing costumes, which in 30 centigrades over zero is a bit suffocating, I believe.

moores and cristians 024

moores and cristians 026

moores and cristians 037

With music and much noise Christians meet Mores. The horses are involved. The centre is decorated and the atmosphere festive.

moores and cristians 030

moores and cristians 031

moores and cristians 044

moores and cristians 050

moores and cristians 051

moores and cristians 062

First, the verbal battle begun. It was expressive enough even for those who didn’t know Spanish.

moores and cristians 064

moores and cristians 067moores and cristians 068

After some period of “bombing” each other with words the sides started to use a “real cannonade”. The noise was so loud and blasts thundering with a power that seemed strong enough to destroy the  buildings around. It is surprising that nothing was crushed. My condolescences to the residents of the nearby houses who had to survive several days of joy. For the sake of our hearing we returned back to albergue soon after. But by God’s will nothing was damaged 🙂


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