Don’t really recall the last time, when I embarked a vessel to go for a trip. If I am right, it happened some 8 years ago when seeing Switzerland and Lugano. It is not wise to be round Alicante and not to go to the Isla Tabarca. Luckily for me the trip was organised. And so we went on Thursday to the port of Alicante and got aboard of a boat proudly called Con Tiki. There are numerous departure times for the boat ride although they depend on the time of the year. The roundtrip fare is 18 euros Despite to the closer social and economic connection with San Pola, the island officially is a part of Alicante. It is the only small islet of Spain which is permanently inhabited. 68 people live on Tabarca. The main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing and tourism. Usually people do day trips. The island is 1800 meters long and 300 to 400 meters wide in its widest point. The island is very close to the coast of San Pola and you can get there also from there. A trip from Alicante takes about an hour run. When disembarked from the boat you can enjoy its caves and pictoresque sights. The island is declared a marine reserve now due to its very high quality of water and biodiversity of flora and fauna. It is recommended to take a stroll over the isle and to visit the low houses where there are numerous souvenir shops, you can buy there also hats in case you have forgotten and beautiful Medditeranean shells. They cost about 12 euros. Nearer to the port there are different eateries or restaurants, where you can enjoy also typical dish of Tabarca  caldero. The staff here speaks not only Spanish, but also Russian and English.

Originally the island was a refuge to Berberian pirates. In the 18th centyry King Carlos III ordered to fortify the island and to build there a town where some families of Genoan fishermen being held prisoners in Tunisian city of Tabarka were housed.

alikante Tabarka 003

alikante Tabarka 004

alikante Tabarka 006

alikante Tabarka 009

alikante Tabarka 011


alikante Tabarka 020

alikante Tabarka 021

alikante Tabarka 032

alikante Tabarka 035

alikante Tabarka 037

alikante Tabarka 038

alikante Tabarka 039

alikante Tabarka 040

alikante Tabarka 041alikante Tabarka 042


Unfortunately the camera discharged right there 🙂

But don’t forget your swimsuit. Do enjoy swimming in the clear water and sunbathing as well. The island is flat and almost without shade. So don’t forget to take strong protective cream (crema) 50+ is recommended. Chaise-lounge or maka and parasol or sombrilla can be rented for 7 euros.

I almost got seasickness or moreada on the way to the island. Way back seamed shorter and easier.


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