This was kinda nice and kinda not. In the very morning we were divided into groups, and all three groups had the same tasks. It was intended as a test to check our language ability. We had to mingle with the locals in the streets of Alicante, and to fulfill 8 tasks. The idea mainly was to choose a  ” victim” or “victims” in the street and to photograph together with them, then – to find somebody who can sing a traditional Spanish song, then, to ask somebody to tell a well known Spanish joke, then to ask for typical local recipes, to ask at the railway station for an itinerary to one chosen city, to find prices at the market for some foods and some items, to check what flowers can be bought in the city, and some questions about city’s architecture. Boy, it was a trip! When I came back to the hostel I thought that I want to die now, and right now. But we solved all the tasks, and it was interesting and helpful for the language learning, and boosted a confidence. I only wished that I were bit more of a team worker. Honestly, it’s not my cup of tea. I like doing things at my own pace and my own responsibility. But anyway, it was OK. I got to k now the city more as well, and I saw many nice cloth and shoes,  and being an enthusiastic person who gets easily carried away, I decided to go back as if 5 hours under strong sun weren’t enough, and of course I got lost at the end and had to continue activities (read talking with people). So I asked directions to the hotel to a taxi driver, then I asked more detailed information at the tourist information centre, where I got a new map also, and I asked for directions in the caffee shop and then I encountered my Spanish teacher, and asked her as well, just to be really sure that I was heading the right direction, and then, after 4 more hours I got home at last, and then I wanted to die. The day was really funny, and don’t say that I cannot get what I want and where I want with my broken Spanish. (Interesting – do they have the similar expression in Spanish as well). And I definitely want to mention the responsiveness of Spanish people. I had unwittingly to think about Latvian people in the similar situation. Would they be as nice as well?

alikante trešdiena 003

alikante trešdiena 004

a playgraung for kids

a playground for kids

alikante trešdiena 006

alikante trešdiena 007alikante trešdiena 008

alikante trešdiena 009

Alicante is not completely flat

Alicante is not completely flat. When I reached something close to hill I understood that it’s time to ask for directions.



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