007If honestly, until the very last moment I didn’t think, I’ll make it. I was in and out, but yeah, it’s the matter of confidence, and now I know that it’s only the beginning and with time and experience it won’t seem this creepy as in the first time. I have to admit that I was fretting over the nonsense like auch, I have never traveled alone, auch, it is impossible to plan the itinerary, auch, I don’t know the language, auch it’s too creepy – no way I’am going anywhere. Then it was time to go, and I had all things in place, the ticket bought, the backpack ready, on everything agreed. Yes, I didn’t tell that I am going to Alicante to study Spanish at the summer school. Yes indeed, I am 54 years old, and no I am not too old to study something new. Brace yourself you will have to do something like that to keep your brain on something and not to let it grow rusty. The first thing, I have been in Spain, but never alone, in a group like a tourist, and it’s something else. Only I was afraid of big airports, more honestly, airports as such. and changing them and changing the airplanes, therefore I opted for the only direct fly. But the only direct fly was from Kaunas airport in Lithuania, and it runs twice a week. So instead of 13th July I had to go on 10th. It’s 4 hours drive to Kaunas from Riga. But no it was not boring. I met a man who had been working in Spain for 12 years, and he was funny, and was going to Alicante. My next fret was about the time of arrival which was 12 at night. Of course I was afraid – middle of the night in a foreign city, nobody I know there. But my new friend saw me to the taxi, the taxi dropped me at the door of the hostel, I was able to explain my predicament to the receptionist (who works through all the night, so no arrival at the closed door – my another fret about), to pay for the stay and so far everything’s nice and clean.

The first day was auch again. I had refused from the breakfast, and all the other meals in the hostel. So, what would you do, especially if you cannot get your brain working without coffee. Clear,  you will go to look for coffee, and so did I. First there is nowhere written over the signs coffee. Only cafeteria at the best, but mainly cerveceria, a bar, a restaurant a tavern. Do these places sell coffee as well? The first try wasn’t elegant, and girls had problems with English, but it oiled the other times. I did a walking, another coffee stop. Dropped in a shop, bought two trousers and an alarm clock, went back and even talked about the internet The second day was much better. I was sitting on the corner, when our teacher went by. That day I answered the question: how are you doing? Bad. Why bad? Because i feel a bit like disabled. Because all people speak Spanish, and I don’t. 🙂

Today is my third day in Alicante, and I start feeling better. I have understood that I can tell more than I thought before I can. I have even figured out a trick about asking for food. It’s clear that I don’t know all these dishes they have. So I ask: Can I have something to eat? Yes, salads will be fine. And they give me salads whichever they have – salads with salmon, our ‘rosols’, which they call ensalada rusa, but I already knew it. And the portion is enough, I would’t want more, and it is interesting to see how their salad dressings are different from Latvian ones. About the other meals, the names of which I don’t know, I’ll ask later, when I unwind my language. Just wait. Of course paella, gazpacho and likes aren’t a problem. But now about the city. I heard that their bus tickets are quite costly, and I didn’t want to experiment. Know what? I asked a camarero (waiter) how Can I get to the city centre walking, because it seemed that distances are quite big (not that city itself is that big, it just isn’t compact). The hostel is located in a residential area, and it is very well kept and facilitated. Only I would have chosen something older and smaller. I don’t know why I don’t like these new developments. Here they look really modern, but somehow pompous at the same time. Well, you’ll see on the pictures



alikante 3. diena 002

Ok, it’s enough for today. Tomorrow is our first day at the school, and it’s getting pretty late. Only I want to say that I am glad that I arrived that early. I got to adjust myself to the change pf situation, and I got a littke boost of confidence because take it or not, I am sure now that I can manage everything I need even in not well known language. Hasta luego ahora! Chau.


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