I cannot believe it myself  – the first half year has already passed. It has flown by. Did we notice? It seems that nothing has been done again. Therefore it is good to stop in the middle of the year and to check is it really so. Is it wasted time again, good for nothing, and how it supports your dreams or does time crashes them? Maybe it just adapts your timing, saying that everything just comes in its right time (if it comes at all). So I’ve stopped now. And I see that I haven’t posted a blog in two months time. Now, too much is too much. Maybe I didn’t have what to say. No I’ve mentally written much better articles than I have posted here. Shame, yes, you’re right. But I’ve been busy, if it’s an excuse. Maybe it is. For you cannot do more than you can. I have said to myself that I simply plan too much, and then I feel wrecked that I haven’t fulfilled the planned things. But anyway it is worth while to stop and to look back (and have a look around, of course). But then I’m not sure if it was needed. For instance, I am not very religious in the traditional way. but I dot attracted by the course of lectures on the religions in Riga by http://www.scientialibera.com/

The best things besides the classes were excursions to the sacral buildings where I haven’t been in my life. I want to mention two of them. The first was the prayer house of the Old Belivers dominium in Riga. And I have lived at least five years almost next to their church, and only now I visited. Here follows a bit of history.

Rīgas Grebenščikova vecticībnieku lūgšanu nams :: LIVE RīGA.

Byzantine-style Riga Grebenschikov Old Believers’ Prayer Chapel features a modest exterior and an Art-Nouveau-style tower with the only golden dome in Riga. Besides, the building is the world’s biggest Old Believers’ church, housing a congregation of 25,000 people.

The church is deemed to be built in 1760, when a wooden barn was erected on the Daugava riverside and named Moscow Prayer Chapel on Dvina. In late 18th century, it was accommodated in a stone building. In 1826, the church was named after Alexey Petrovich Grebenschikov, trader and supporter of Old Believers. Over many decades, the building underwent many transformations, the latest of which occurred at the end of the 19th century; the tower was built in 1905 after Russian Emperor Nicholas II issued a manifesto on freedom of religion. The church features a prayer hall with an iconostasis, several rooms for ceremonies, administration premises, appartments for clergymen and servants. The community has a huge collection of icons, books and manuscripts from the 15th to 19th century. Services are held according to ancient tradition as for instance men and women segregation, men wearing beards, bautization according to their own rules.

But to my mind very important is that this prayer house is also famous for its charity to their old parishioners, children, having their own school etc.

And some pictures I took:

And the other pearl that I found thanks to this course is the Mission church, which is made by an Latvian enthusiast O.Martinsons, who isn’t an architect and says that he is not inspired neither from Gaudi, nor Hunderttwasser, but… consider yourself:

And then I spent some time learning Spanish. And it resulted with certificate for level A, and I suppose that I can start B1.

Here you see our group at the last class on 12th June, and our nice teacher Sara


Then I have translated 2,5 books into Latvian :))) A rare story – I liked them all and want to recommend for summer. Really, they are that good. For the beginning of this year I submitted I Have Got Your Phone by Sophie Kinsela. And I didn’t believe that his book is worth translation. Becauxe shopacholic is something I cannot stand, and I could not belive that book by the author of something of such title can be worth wile reading. But when I finished her I Got Your Phone, I admit – I bought her shopaholic too :). First, there is very vividly depicted modern British society. And her humour is just God blessed. It IS a GIFT. Since I’ve been livind in London for almost 3 years, I could even see these people, these girls. Yes, they are really like that. And one more thing: such places as Balhem, Clapham Junction, Battersee, which I’ve been around are described in the book. Advise – you will love the book.

The second is IN FALLING SNOW bu the Australian author Mary Rosa Maccole. I will say some words about it tomorrow, cause I feel it’s enough for today. But you can start reading.

And the third book is half-done like the year itself. It is by Christina Baker Kline . Here you can read a bit in

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orphan_Train to get the full jest about the history of the Orphan Train movement in America and the so called foster families programm that was intended as something good for these abandoned, homeless children. For the oftentime reality read the book. START NOW! Or wait till it is published in Latvian 🙂



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