And so I believe that you all have devoured Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella and now you’re ready to read her great bestseller I’ve Got Your Number for vivid, modern, incredibly humorous even hilarious , but at the same time ah so serious novel by her. I cannot believe that I am saying this for I have always felt annoyed by ads of this type. Only this time I’m not even ashamed bevause every my word is true. As I’ve recently done through every sentence of this novel, I can say with all responsibility I highly recommend it. I believe, it is really worth wile reading, and you won’t regret your time.

Next: I highly recommend In Falling Snow bu Australian author Mary Rose Maccoll. And may be I am judgmental, but Australians are different, even slightly weird (is it because of their background, I don’t know), but I really like them, as I liked this passionate novel of strong and overwhelming memories about the Great War and experience of Australian girl, her misinterpreted love for her brother who joined the British army at age of 16, and was shot by hid own side comrades-in-arms as a coward for defending another boy. Another narrative is to remind brave British women who set up a hospital in France: The Scottish Women Hospital out of the scrap and in time when women weren’t allowed to become doctors. I think this is a strong point to remind what is a feminism, because I think that most of the people who mention this word lately do not know what feminism really is and why it emerged. Voting? Who is kidding, voting is the smallest part, but it tells of course something about the genders. Here I’d like to remind you the song by   Portugal. The Man called So American and ask you to think about the lyrics: really Who wrote the rules? Who? But it’s not only American. It’ s global, and in the 3rd world countries even more so.

But medicine, war, love, guilt are not the only things here. The book is so broad – history, personal relations, friendship, there really is so much to think about. But I was attracted by the memory line in The Falling Snow, the way how old Iris remembered everything and how it reminded me about famous Aboriginal Dream Time. But maybe Dream time just reflects how old people remember their life, and how at the end reality mixes a with memories and fantasies and you cannot see the difference.


My third book, where I am in the middle of it, is The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Highly recommended, too. I recon it one of the best I have read lately (Stop here, I’ ll revert to some other books I loved, one day). The story about the Orphan train I incorporated in my last post. It’ s from Wikipedia, and you can read it there:

But what caught my attention was multyleyering of the story. Actually there are two stories – Irish girls Neam’s who is 91 year old now life story and that of Indian girl’ s Mollie’ s life story in our times. We can clearly see that with these foster families and fostering program something is oddly wrong. Anyway, I think that everybody should read the book.

And I promise that tomorrow I share something else. Hasta pronto then!


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