Here will be lyrics and translation of this beautiful song.


A Dios Le Pido

Que mis ojos se despierten
con la luz de tu mirada.
Yo a Dios le pido.
Que mi madre no se muera
y que mi padre me recuerde.
A Dios le pido

Que te quedes a mi lado
y que más nunca te me vayas mi vida.
A Dios le pido.
Que mi alma no descanse,
cuando de amarte se trate mi cielo.
A Dios le pido.

Por los días que me quedan
y las noches que aun no llegan.
Yo a Dios le pido.
Por los hijos de mis hijos
y los hijos de tus hijos.
A Dios le pido.

Que mi pueblo no derrame tanta sangre
y se levante mi gente.
A Dios le pido.
Que mi alma no descanse
cuando de amarte se trate mi cielo.
A Dios le pido.

Un segundo mas de vida para darte
y mi corazón entero entregarte,
un segundo mas de vida para darte
y a tu lado para siempre yo quedarme,
un segundo mas de vida…
Yo a Dios le pido

Que si me muero sea de amor
y si me enamoro sea de vos
y que de tu voz sea este corazón.
Todos los días a Dios le pido.
Que si me muero sea de amor
y si me enamoro sea de vos
y que de tu voz sea este corazón.
Todos los días a Dios le pido,
A Dios le pido…

Try to align


I ask God

Versions: #1#2#3

That my eyes wake up
with the light of your look
I ask God…

That my mother doesn’t die
and that my dad remembers me
I ask God
That you stay by my side
and that you never leave again, my life*
I ask God
that my soul takes a rest
when it is about loving you, my sky*
I ask God..

For the days that are left for me
and the night that haven’t come yet
I ask God
For the children of my children
and the children of your children
I ask God

That my nation doesn’t shed that much blood
and that my people rise up
I ask God
that my soul doesn’t take a rest
when it is about loving you, my sky*
I ask God..

One second of life more to give you
and my whole heart to surrender
One second of life more to give you
and to stay by your side for ever
One second of life more
I ask God..

that if I die, it’s because of love
And if I fall in love, it’s because of you
and that your voice is this heart
every day I ask God
that if I die, it’s because of love
And if I fall in love, it’s because of you
and that your voice is this heart
every day I ask God
every day I ask God.

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Taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/adios-le-pido-i-ask-god.html#songtranslation#ixzz2zzSQdIhM

Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez (born August 9, 1972), better known as Juanes (for the contraction of his first and second name), is a Colombian musician who was a member of the heavy metal band Ekhymosis and is now a solo artist. In 2000, his solo debut album Fíjate Bien won three Latin Grammy Awards. According to his record label, Juanes has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide.

Raised in MedellínColombia, Juanes began playing guitar at age seven. At age 15, He started his first band, Ekhymosis, in 1988, which went on to release five albums, achieving recognition in his native Colombia. The track “Sólo” from the album Niño Gigante in 1992 was very popular. In 1997 after the band broke up, Juanes continued solo and in 2000 he released the album, Fíjate Bien, which earned him three Latin Grammys. His follow-up album, Un Dia Normal, was released in 2002 and was later certified platinum in multiple countries throughout Latin America. Juanes’ third album, Mi Sangre (2004), which becomes an international bestseller, managing to position well in a number of countries around the world, achieved success due to the single “La Camisa Negra“. He has since released La Vida… Es Un Ratico (2007) and P.A.R.C.E. (2010). On May 29, 2012 Juanes released the album Juanes MTV Unplugged.

Altogether, there are several issues that protrude from its wide and varied repertoire. Songs like “Volverte A Ver”, “Para Tu Amor”, “A Dios Le Pido,” “Es Por Ti” and the international hit “La Camisa Negra” (number one in several countries of the world), “Me Enamora” “Yerbatero”, “La Señal” among many others, are part of the musical repertoire that has made the singer acknowledged.

According to his label, Universal Music, Juanes has won, among others, twenty Latin Grammy Awards (5 wins in the Grammy Awards on November 13, 2008) and two Grammy Awards. 9 MTV Awards, two NRJ Music Awards, 9 “Premios Lo Nuestro”, 9 Our Land Awards, the highest awards possible in the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar (torches silver, silver gull, gold and symbolic) and a long list of awards to across the planet. In December 2009 he was awarded the National Prize for peace in his native Colombia in category honorary, in November 2011, as an artist of the decade chosen by millions of votes, in Shock Awards and December 4, 2011 is awarded Chile Telethon Foundation for the Medal of Solidarity during the final drive of the Chilean solidarity campaign for disabled children attending the institution. Juanes received the BMI President’s Award at the 2010 BMI Latin Awards. Juanes is also known for his humanitarian work, especially with aid for Colombian victims of anti-personnel mines.

On February 1, 2012, Juanes performed an acoustic concert for his live album MTV Unplugged which was released in May of that year.


Juanes was born in Carolina del Príncipe, AntioquiaColombia. Married with Maya Romina.Bertha Luz is the mother of Maya Romina. When he was seven years old, his father and brothers began to teach him how to play guitar. His passion for the instrument led him to discover diverse genres of music such as traditional Latin sounds such as tango andbachata, as well as Colombian folk music.

He grew up in Medellín during the height of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar‘s reign, when the city had the highest homicide rate in the world. During his childhood, Juanes witnessed a civil war in which thousands were killed. He was greatly affected by the violence; his cousin was executed by kidnappers, and his close friend was murdered by gunmen. This period of time shaped his social consciousness, saying “Colombia has suffered so much that the only way to go forward is to imagine a better country.” His father also died of cancer when he was a child, which caused him to further retreat into music.

As a teenager, Juanes was greatly influenced by metal acts such as Metallica. He started the metal band Ekhymosis in 1988, and it released its self-produced debut album, Niño Gigante, that same year.The band released five studio albums during its career and shared the stage with acts including Alejandro SanzAterciopelados, and Ricky Martin;however in Juanes’ words, the band “couldn’t get out of Colombia” and remained “very local and confined to the Colombian market.” Juanes disbanded the group in 1998 so that he could pursue a solo career.

2000-03: Fíjate Bien and Un Día Normal

In 2000, Juanes released his solo debut Fíjate Bien (Take a Good Look), produced by Gustavo Santaolalla. The album fared well in Colombia, spending ten weeks at the number one position, but was unsuccessful in other countries. The album earned him three Latin Grammys for Best New Artist, Best Rock Solo Vocal Album, and Best Rock Song, and Juanes performed at the award show. Later that night, Juanes brought demos for over forty new songs to Santaolalla’s studio, ready to begin work on another album.

“A Dios le Pido” topped the singles charts of twelve countries and spent 47 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. The album also featured “Fotografía” (“Photograph”), a duet with Portuguese Canadian pop singer Nelly Furtado about the isolation between lovers. Juanes later worked with Furtado on a remix of “Powerless (Say What You Want)“, the lead single from her 2003 album Folklore, and on “Te busqué” (“I Looked for You”), a single from her 2006 album Loose. Juanes won the most awards at the 2003 Latin Grammy Awards, where he won each of the 5 awards for which he had been nominated, including Song of the YearRecord of the Year, and Album of the Year.The follow-up, Un Día Normal (A Normal Day), also produced by Gustavo Santaolalla who signed him with his first solo album, was released in 2002 and was highly successful in Latin America. The album was certified gold in Colombia during its first day of sales and was certified platinum and multi-platinum in countries including Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. The album spent 92 weeks in the top ten of Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums chart, setting a new record, and spent a total of two years on the chart.The album was released after the eligibility deadlines for the 2002 Latin Grammy Awards, but the advance airdate for the lead single, “A Dios le Pido” (“To God I Pray”), allowed it to be nominated for three awards and win Best Rock Song.

2004-05: Mi Sangre

Juanes performing on the ‘Unplugged’ tour

At the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards, Juanes won three additional awards to his nine previous Grammy awards. He took the award for Best Rock Song for “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” (“I am Worthless Without Your Love”), Best Rock Solo Album for Mi Sangre and Best Music Video for “Volverte a Ver” (“To See You Again”). On December 9, 2005, Juanes performed “La camisa negra” at an international gala in Germany celebrating the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final Draw evening. In 2006, he recorded a duet of “The Shadow of Your Smile” with Tony Bennett for Bennett’s Duets: an American Classic.

2006-09: La Vida… Es Un Ratico

In June 2006, Juanes began a year-long sabbatical to spend time with his wife, model Karen Martínez, and their daughters Luna and Paloma. He was working on an album that was released on October 23, 2007. When asked about the possibility of recording an album in English, Juanes responded, “singing in Spanish is very important because it’s the language in which I think and feel. I respect people that sing in English, but for now I’ll keep my Spanish.” Juanes planned to launch his own music label, named 4J, in October 2007, to be distributed by the Universal Music Group. He was also working on a new album, titled La Vida… Es Un Ratico (Life is a Little Moment).

La Vida… Es Un Ratico was released on October 23, 2007 with the first single being “Me Enamora” (I fall in love). The second single was “Gotas de Agua Dulce” (drops of sweet water), and the third single became the vallenato fusion of “Tres” (three).

On December 11, 2007, Juanes performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway together with a variety of artists, which was broadcast live to over 100 countries.

On November 24, 2008, Juanes re-released the album as La vida… es un ratico (en vivo) [Deluxe Edition][2 CD/DVD Combo]” The album aside the 14 original songs, contains two previously unreleased songs: “Falsas Palabras” (false words) and “Odio Por Amor” (hate for love) which is also the current single. This new re-edition also includes seven live versions of songs played during his U.S. La Vida Tour. As another bonus added, Juanes also included a duet of his song “Hoy Me Voy” (today I leave) with singer Colbie Caillat. The DVD contains the music videos of the four singles of the cd as well as a few live video recordings of the US tour.


2010-present: P.A.R.C.E and his Juanes MTV Unplugged

Juanes FPML

In 2010, Juanes performed in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Kickoff Concert, as well as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. In addition, he released his album P.A.R.C.E. which featured the #1 Billboard hit Yerbatero and the top-ten hit Y No Regresas. February 17, Juanes performed live on the third single from their fifth studio album Regalito in the delivery of the Premios Lo Nuestro. The album has sold 1 million copies worldwide. In February 2012, the Colombian singer Juanes took the stage at Juanes MTV Unplugged to record a live album at the direction of Juan Luis Guerra. In March 6, Juanes will release “La Señal” as an unreleased song from his Unplugged.


Juanes has said that: “these are your people, young people, people with families, and four or five of them are dying every day.” Juanes established the Mi Sangre Foundation to help victims of anti-personnel mines In 2005, he was named by Time as one of the world’s 100 most influential people. Juanes has supported former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe, stating that “with this new government of Álvaro Uribe my country seems in better shape.” On November 15, 2005, he was honored at the annual benefit gala for Sir Paul McCartney‘s Adopt-A-Minefield for his work as a Goodwill Ambassador for United for Colombia, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about the impact of land mines within Colombia.

On April 19, 2006, Juanes performed before the European Parliament, as part of a campaign to increase awareness against the use of land mines around the world, including in his native Colombia. He was first singer to perform in the hemicycle where the European Parliament holds its plenary sessions. The Parliament gave a symbolic gift of 2.5 million to demine Colombia and to rehabilitate victims of the landmines. In honor of his work and his music, he was given an escopetarra (a decommissioned AK converted into a guitar) by peace activist César López; he later sold it at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills for US$17,000.[13] Juanes held a benefit concert on May 24, 2006 in conjunction withKLVE and Univision which raised roughly US$350,000 to care for injured children and provide prostheticswheelchairs, and land rehabilitation.

On July 19, 2006, French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres awarded Juanes with the highest cultural honor given by France, L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, declaring him “Knight in the order of Arts and Letters” for his work in social activism. In December 2006, work began on a recreational park for the rehabilitation of the handicapped named “Parque Juanes de la Paz” in Medellín. The 68,000-square-meter facility will cost COL$10.6 billion, financed in part by the government of Medellín, and is to be completed by May 2007.

2009 Peace Concert in Cuba

Juanes during the concert in Havana, Cuba.

“Going to Cuba is a symbol that it’s time to change people’s minds, an opportunity to tell the world that people have to change.”

— Juanes

On August 5, 2009, it was announced that Juanes would hold his second “Peace Without Borders” concert in Havana‘s storied Plaza de la Revolución on September 20, 2009. The Cuban concert coincided with U.N. International Peace Day and planned to feature up to 12 artists from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Israel. Cuban folk legend Silvio Rodríguez and local salsa stars Los Van Van announced they would also be participating.

Prior to the concert, Juanes received criticism by some in the Cuban-American/Cuban exile community in Miami who believed it would be seen as an act of support for the communist government of Cuba. Juanes expressed in an interview for Univision that he had no affiliation whatsoever to the Cuban government or their political views and that he saw it only as an artistic performance and nothing more.[35] Willy Chirino, a Cuban American performer who has not been to Cuba in over 45 years, however came out in defense of the right of Juanes and others to sing in Cuba, a move also supported by Puerto Rican artist Olga Tañón. On August 14, 2009, Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón‘s daughter, Margarita Alarcón, spoke of the controversy to CBS News, remarking that:

“The past 50 years of U.S.-Cuba relations makes the War of the Roses seem like child’s play … embittered Cuban-Americans now direct their ire at Juanes and at those who want to join him for the concert in Havana. They hurl negative and insulting accusations at potential participants claiming that bringing their music to the Cuba public is equivalent to propping up a government with which they are at war. It seems that they want to limit the freedom of the Cuban people, censoring the type of music they can listen to.”

On August 20, 2009, Juanes announced that he had considered canceling the peace concert citing “fears for his safety as well as his family”, who reside with him in Miami on Key Biscayne. Such fears are contained in an August 15, 2009, police report, and are the result of threatening messages Juanes has received from those he describes as “a very small number of extremists.” John Reilly, Juanes’ New York-based spokesman, had stated that plans for the concert had not changed and that “the vast majority of communication Juanes is receiving from both fans on Twitter and everyday people he comes into contact with in Miami continues to be overwhelmingly supportive. The concert “Paz Sin Fronteras”(Peace Without Borders) was a total success. Juanes closed it along with 15 other Cuban and international artists and with more than one million people attending the concert.”

While the concert was a total success, it wasn’t free of setbacks. In a video aired by the network Mega TV from Miami, Juanes and other artists can be seen crying and ready to cancel the concert minutes before going on stage. The artists were complaining about the strong control, surveillance, and poor treatment they suffered at the hands of government officials and undercover agents. They also complained that they weren’t allowing people to attend the concert, unless they were wearing a white shirt, as the organizers suggested as a symbol of peace.

Personal life

Juanes met model/actress Karen Martínez during the filming of his video “Podemos Hacernos Daño“. On August 6, 2004 they were married. The couple separated in May 2007 after three years of marriage due to unresolved differences, but reconciled four months later. They have three children together, two daughters: Luna Aristizábal Martínez (born September 6, 2003), Paloma Aristizábal Martínez (born June 2, 2005), and one son, Dante Aristizábal Martínez (born September 12, 2009).

Juanes is of Basque descent, and currently lives in Key Biscayne, Florida.

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