I have a feeling that my small and until recently incognito country starts gradually albeit slowly come out of oblivion. Our athletes, models, artists and emigrants through personal contacts, travelers and other compatriots have made the country appear on the globe again. Actually we have even a serious establishment – a Latvian Institute – whose task and responsibility (ok, one of) is to shape the image of Latvia for the eyes of tourists and investors. There have been several attempts to present videos in order to attract foreign guests. But Latvian people have been disappointed so far, and honestly although several of these videos have been beautiful, things depicted there didn’t seem impressive or like real life. They didn’t convince me too.

Until recently a friend knowing my interest in Spanish speaking part of the world, passed me link to this video made by Spaniards about Spanish expats who live and work in Latvia already for some time. Unbelievable, but after watching this video I started to look at my country with different eyes. Caramba!


Now I start to believe that this way Latvia will overcome its 50 years of isolation.


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