Lou Kass is a band formed in La Paz, Bolivia in the 90-ties. Their songs  in Spanish and English gained great popularity in the country, and for ethnografic touch of their music they are considered the most influential group of Generation X of Bolivia. The formation of the band Fox in the middle of 80-ties marks the musical initiative by brothers Martín (Bajo) and José Joffré (Guitarra) together with Rodrigo “Grillo” Villegas (guitarra) and Rodolfo Ortiz (drums); interpreted musical themes by Metallica and other bands received some moderate acclaim by public. After didintegration of Fox, the members of the band performed independently with some bands from La Paz, for example Chuy & Fly and Drago Drogan among others, while Rodrigo Villegas was one of iniciators of improvised sessions in pub “El socavón”, where it wass possible to encounter his old partners and to get to know a vocalist Christian Krauss, with whom he decided to try luck and to form a new band. The group launched their first album “Lou Kass” (1992), and their success lied in the mode that these four musicians were already heard on  FM’s and their songs often performed in bars and discoteques. They were started to be treated like stars on the rock scene. The following  álbum “Akasa” (1994)  included such themes like “No reces al sol” and “Feel High”. In this disc a clear influence by Luis Alberto Spinetta started to show, for instance in the songs “Resumen Paceño” by Loukass and “Resumen Porteño” by Spinetta Jade. In the middle of success of the group its vocalist Christian Krauss without giving much explications suddenly decided to move to Germany which left the band performing as trio without diminishing its popularity. At the end the group recorded their concert in La Paz during the tour “Tour SIDA” and launched their disc Akassa ¡ En vivo!. Lou Kass managed to unite the very heterogenic public with their stile, which mixed rock, reggaefunk and lyrics, which wich the publik identified itself completely. Due to scandal during their national tour “Tour SIDA” the band separated closing a very important stage in rock boliviano. In 5th August of 1999 and after return of Christian Krauss from Germany, Loukass reunited, performing in a concert on this date in La Paz, which resulted in double disc of  “Akisitos” which was recorded en vivo together with the public in the Teatro al Aire Libre. in Julu of 2008 the band reunited anew  for the Rturn tour in which they performed in more than ten concerts around the country. Afterwards the four musicians were invited to perform a concert in the Palace of Government in La Paz for the government of president Evo Morales. Not long after, in October  Loukass returned to participate in the international rock festival organized in La Paz, FestiMusic 2008.


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