Recently we got to know about another stunning phenomena – a Bolivian man was found in Andes who claims that he’s 123 years old. Read the article on http://www.NBCNews.com, please Quinoa, mushrooms and coca: Bolivian says ancient Andean diet has kept him alive for 123 years – World News. This unbelievable story and, of course my own experience again encouraged me to start discussion today: Long life vs short life. What is better and should we by all means try to live as long as possible? How it happened that I started to think about value of my own life. Simply, I decided to check my breast health on mammography. I suddenly felt that I need it. And the answer came that there is something they need to check on US. And this was the moment that made me think. Clear, I imagined: if there is smth that most likely means… OK, you know what it means. So I considered both possibilities. 1) If I’ll have to die – OK, no problem, ultimately we all are mortal, only some live longer, some – shorter lives. If you are active mentally and physically till the end, then, why not? On the other hand, society is so proud about higher life expectancy nowadays, but is it ready to give all the support – moral and financial – to older people? That’s a question, because, to my mind sheer existence just some years longer without ability to live fully and interestingly, is not worth it. And then, if we lived in the Middle Ages, 53 years would be a normal, long life. Are we far from the Middle Ages? Not so far as we would like to. OK, we have retirement pensions, but also not in all countries, also in countries, where people don’t start saving for their pension since the first day in job as in developed countries, the pensions, if they exist, are miserably small, you cannot live decent life on this amount. So…  According to Middle Ages standards I have already had one life, I have done enough for an average person who I am. As soon as I came to this conclusion, it became so easy to breath, so calm and nice and without stress and problems. In short those some days till the US I enjoyed life in the way as I had only read about happy living: I enjoyed every day, didn’t twist my head about problems. I cut off all my plans and dreams, they just disappeared in a moment. I can say that I was even happy those days.

2) If I’ll be given some time in future, I’ll use it. And I will have to fulfill my plans.

AND, the day of US came. The US doctor (nurse? I don’t know the difference) checked and checked for quite along time. And then she said (bless her black humour): You will have to live for some time. And (human mind is really amazing) at that moment all my plans and dreams came back in a rush. My mind just switched over to them. And you know: knowledge that I ‘ll have to act and to prove my capability for something extraordinary, was not something light and easy. I am despondent since then.


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