What a shame! I know that I’ve not posted almost anything recently. Reason? No, nothing to do with writer’s block or something like that! No, not at all. On contrary, I’m thinking to start just one another blog. In Latvian. But about this idea, later. In any case, I’ll keep this blog as a travel blog and as one about Latin America, which is still on my mind. Bur now, the reason, why I’ve been so “lazy” lately is just being too busy, and, namely, I’ve been translating a very fascinating book. “I’ve got your number” by Sophie Kinsella, and I want to make interested those who haven’t read ir yet to do so. I can bet – you won’t regret your time.

I have to admit that I hadn’t read any of Kinsella’s books before this. And the reason is that I detest shopping so much that a  title like something Shopaholic just made me cringe and think rather badly about the book and the author. But now I was given to translate  this, and the book got the best of me already on the first page, and I can confide that in my 20 or so years as a translator I have never translated a book with such an excitement, at least I’ve never laughed out loud, when translating. Kinsella’s sense of humour is gobsmacking. Poppie’s inner monologues alone are worth something.. The book is easy, clever at the same time, vivid, funny and hilarious, really. All my respect to Sophie Kinsella, I’m her fan now:) Being ex-journalist on financial issues, she is a gifted narrator, wise psychologist, astute observer and also knows her ways about corporate squabbles, inside struggle for power, and also vanity of academic circles.

The main hero Poppy Wayatt is an ordinary girl, one of those you can often find on the streets of London. We meet her looking for her lost engagement ring for she is going to be married to Magnus, a good-looking guy from academic circles. You could think what else girl can dream about? Turns out that gold is not everything that shines. Looking for her ring Poppy loses also her phone, but luckily finds one in the bin of the hotel. So she meets Sam Roxton and persuades him to lend her the company’s phone. Here all the mess and misunderstandings begin, for Poppy, being very good and emphatic soul, tries to please everybody, to help everybody and to be useful. To get to know towards what it leads, you just have to do one little effort – to read the book 🙂

And one more thing: Poppy lives in Balham, one of London’s districts, close to the place where I lived when I was in London. So, memories, memories. I felt like walking through the city again. It was so refreshing and empowering. Have a good read!


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