Veneno is a Bolivian band of genres tropicalpop and rock. It was formed on the 1th of January of 1997 in La Paz and was active till2004.  The band consisted of five ingredients, Rubén Luna among them who is a vocalist of the group. The band is one of most popular in Bolivia, and they has performed several tours of concierts on national and also international level. The most popular song was “Dame veneno”, the author of which is Luiggy Luiggy, and the musical theme of it was quite controversial and much talked about (genre tropical). After five years, in 2009, the group joined together again in order to launch its new album “Ya no te ama”, and its title song “Dejate amar” is also the last performen in the genre pop and rock. In 2012 they launch a single “Cunumicita”, which is bond to the folkloric versión of Bolivian east. The single was created in cooperation with composer and producerr chuquisaqueñoEduardo Imbelloni, who has tried to unite such genres as pop, hip hop and folclóric.


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