Today is 18th November, 2013, and it happens to be 95th anniversary of Latvian state. I have found a very comprehensive blog on Latvian history, so, if you’re interested, have a look.

Riga was very festive today, shame, but I couldn’t manage all the events where celebrations took place. But I attended the other interesting undertakings, and that’s the festival of light “Shine, Riga!”, which takes place simultaneously or almost simultaneouslu, to be precise. Due to austerities it was not as breathtaking as other years, but beautiful anyway. Let’s hope that it helps to bring brightness to the capital. Also I covered only the very central part of the capital. They say that the most effective light objects were on periphery. Anyway, as I say, it was beautiful. Here are some photos. The most of objects were projections of light on the walls, though, which my camera didn’t want to take. Very sorry about that. The rest is here:

Staro 025

Moving light projection – singing choir. On the open air stage of the Vērmane’s Park next to my home.

Staro 030

Esplanade, not far from the monument to great Latvian poet Rainis.

Staro 039

Square next to the Castle.

Staro 043Staro 046

Shame, but actually this was the best place of all that I saw, and it was on the wall of Saeima Hause. The voice of our best poet ever Imants Ziedonis added so much to the moving  and changing lights. And it is such a loss that Imants Ziedonis passed away this year. I don’t see any equal to him yet.

Staro 049

Staro 047

Objects on Doms Square. There was also very interesting projected animation, which I couldn’t snap.

Staro 062Staro 065

Philarmony or Livi Square was full of people. They were treated with hot sausages and sauerkraft, and also sweets. Stalls with hot food were also on Doma square, and ir was really good, because weather was quite wintery, cold wind and all.

Staro 074

Monument of Liberty, big performance there, but as it was I arrived in time only to see the very closure of it. The choir sang national Anthem.

You can hear it here:  http://youtu.be/0hxM__6ox_A

Staro 075

Staro 084

Our monument of Liberty or Milda as this girl is fondly called among people.

Staro 080

Lights over city canal, and, fairly difficult, but you can discern people with torches in boats going for a nightly ride. Quite impressionistic looks to me.

Staro 082

One of the bridges over the canal.

Staro 085

Staro 094Staro 092

My uni. Lights changing all the time.

Staro 101Staro 103

Staro 102

And Central Railway Station. Back to home.

But I heard, this is the beginning only. Already on 18th of January, we shall host another event of light, and I mean light. There will be arranged a way of light to carry books from the old National Library to the new one. That’s the event!


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