Gabriel García Márquez’s dementia robs him of illustrious writing career

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What a shame it is 😦 Such a great loss to all people who love his stories. I have started collecting all his books I can get in any language that I know.

Gabriel García Márquez’s dementia robs him of illustrious writing career.

 And here = a video on his 86th birthday.

Today I attended a lecture given by Gabriel Garcia Marques’s biographer Dasso Saldivar. What a surprise it was, too – somebody from a far away Columbia has got to our small Latvia, which sometimes seems God’s forsaken place. The lecture was in Spanish with translation in Latvian, and big was my surprise that I could understand more than I expected I can. Somehow it was also a good feeling to be in one room with a person who has seen, spoken to and written about the big writer. He was telling about his book El viaje a la semilla, and it goes without telling that this book isn’t available in Latvian and even English, which reminds again about the gap between Spanish speaking world and that of English speaking. The lecture was interesting and informative, it revealed a bit of that side of Gabriel Garcia Marques which is quite unknown to the public – to his personal side, and it is important since we know that great writer’s works are being published quite frequently, and his works are well known to the reader, but we cannot say the same about Marques as a person. Saldivar reveals how Marques was shaped as a person he is and as a writer mostly during the first ten years of age. He spoke about the early influences of Marques, which where his grandma, his grandfather, his three aunts and the house, where he lived himself. Saldivar showed, how these influences later entered Marques’s novels and were transformed by his creative genius.

To your convenience I have found also this entrevista con Dasso Saldivar and Al Fondo;

I forgot to mention that I didn’t ask about Marques’s illness, though. Partly because I was shy of my poor Spanish and partly because it somehow didn’t seem appropriate.


One response to “Gabriel García Márquez’s dementia robs him of illustrious writing career

  1. I had no idea Gabriel Garcia Marquez is suffering from dementia. How sad, as it is for everyone with that disease but what a great career he can be proud of!

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