London, ah, London! All those places I saw! When you live there for a while you start to see that all city consists of lot of villages, which have merged somehow. All have central street or high street in the middle and residential area around it. Therefore so many names like Westminster, Wimbledon, Clapham, Twickenham, Morden, Tooting, Richmond, Brixton, and Peckham, and Canning Town and many many others, but with time you start to grasp the bearings, especially when going to job interviews, which are obnoxious by themselves, and repeating, and repeating all the time, and you know already what they want and you say that once and twice in different words, and then once more. I guess I am too impatient. So I didn’t get job from ASDA, for when she asked me like three times what shop assistant should do to make customers happy, I couldn’t resist, I definitely knew that it’s wrong, probably devil pulled my tongue when I answered: not to impose oneself on customers. Ok, the next moment I knew, I am out :))) No, from time to time I got some temporary jobs, but they never lasted long enough. And one more thing I discovered when in London, and those are charity shops London is full with. You can just use them to find interesting things at a bargain price or you can enter the next level as I did, namely you can volunteer there and find completely new world and completely new you. I was so intrigued when I started to volunteer that I wanted to learn all things there are to learn. In a years time I earned NVQ or a national  qualification in retail, and I could run a shop on my own, which I successfully did when shop manager had to be at some other shop. So it went until the moment when we got a new area manager. Probably she just carried out the instructions from above, but the shop was never the same again. Ok, it’s another story about business, not about charity. But nevertheless I’ll never forget people there, British, Turkish, Jewish, from Guinea-Bissau, yes, dear Augusta, I will always miss all you, and I am really sad that I’ll never see you again. And Jacky I miss you too, now I know that wellies are wellingtons and brolly is umbrella, and if we squabbled from time to time, I don’t feel any grudge, thank you. And also our dear customers, our regulars. If I hadn’t chosen this volunteer work, I’d never known that I like standing behind the counter and working with people. Sure, language was a little challenge at the beginning, even if I consider myself not being dumb language wise. For, example, I’ve never thought that you can pronounce wool or breeches in four different ways at least. And I’m not sure that I could hear it right even now. Use your intuition, so to say. And going from shop to shop helped me to know London better. But one day I happened to be at the Speakers’ Corner of Hide park. Very interesting place, very weird people, but, yes, if you have something to say to the world or you want to preach, you can express yourself there.

















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