And so it began and took me three years. Yes, I spent almost three years in London. London is so rich in historic and cultural places, and museums which are open for public for free. Only I don’t think that three years are enough to get to know London. You can get to know London if you have lived there from very childhood. Otherwise no.  At least if you work. And I wanted some simple work which doesn’t require much qualification and brain twisting. I got my first work at hotel. Much I knew about hotels and hospitality jobs as such. But I got it because my landlady worked there, and I know that I’ll never take housekeeping job again, at least not in the central hotel in London. It was way too busy, and i think housekeeping was understaffed, too. Maybe because of austerity measures, I don’t know. I’ll say that I lasted for a month, not more. I didn’t know that it’s such slavery. Yes, I can run eight hours, but, no way I can jump eight hours in row. That said, after month I was on my own again. I had money to last for the next month. I rented a room in Peckham, and I have to say that I fell in love with it. But a bit about my hospitality work. The best thing that Leichester Edwardian hotel was next to Trafalgar Square and next to the National Gallery. Such a treat! It’s amazing that you can enjoy art slowly, room by room in the museum, and you don’t have to ran to see all exhibition what I did in Dresden Art Gallery. And it’s fantastic when you can have a cigarette while sitting on the bench in Trafalgar Square, and sometimes you have to shake yourself out of that dreamy state and to remind you that you are in London. In London from all places! About which you have only read so far 🙂


Eating London


Entertaining London


Volunteering London


Art in London


Relaxing London


Protesting London



Modeling London


Trafalgar Square




3 responses to “LONDON PERIOD II

  1. Another point in common, absolutely in love with London ever since I lived there a few months so many years ago…it is pulling me back magically

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