When I was watching this video there was a click in my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot from where comes this attraction to South American continent. I thought about is as unconscious intuitive push. I thought that I am just tired from the “benefits” of civilization and want to get lost in another culture, in natural surroundings, in nature itself. After watching this video I start to think maybe it’s something deeper, maybe my intuition is unconsciously steering me into right direction. I am not a scientist, my knowledge isn’t so broad as to be able to prove or knock down Graham Hancock’s theories, but I fully agree to his opinion about the modern civilization, I have thought about it in similar terms albeit more intuitively than he. Anyway there is something in his theory about spirituality of ancient civilizations and ayahuascu in particular. And even if ayahuascu could relive me from my later years depression it would be worth giving a try.

Feel free sharing your thoughts and opinions on the topic. I’d love to hear them.


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