My followers would have noticed that for some time I haven’t posted anything substantial. I have to bring my apologies. That’s because I am head over in translation of a book. But this morning I understood that my thoughts need to be let out. Weird as it is this book just fortifies my willingness to escape and get lost into Amazonia. The book I am currently translating is Be Fruitful by Victoria Maizes from Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine. In general the book is addressed to women in fruitful age who are thinking about having a baby and to those who cannot conceive. That’s about it, but it will be also useful to all other people. First, dr Maizes point to attention, at least it is how I understand it, that infertility has really become a problem in contemporary society, and she also tackles the question why it is so. She speaks about food we eat, about our environment packed with chemicals, with harmful electromagnetic waves, about water we drink, about chemicals all over in our house. Think about cancer. Currently there are antismoking campaigns, leading to thought that smokers are like main enemies of every society. Dig deeper, friends. What about big companies that are poisoning earth for the sake of pure profit? Globalization that bring this profit based shit (pardon my French) to every household? Aren’t they enemies? And states, state authorities that make it easier to happen? That are doing everything to regulate their citizens to 100% obedience as if for benefit of their citizens. I do not say that smoking is good or virtue, or something like that. I only say that I want to choose myself. Then why don’t we ban poisoned food industry, fishery, breathing, come to that, living itself? Maybe I am just distressed. Maybe that’s because of my son’s (who has become a young father recently and who has started to think similar to dr. Maizes lines) visit? And don’t say that something is not wrong with fertility in our days, and that cancer is not becoming even bigger threat to everyone with each year despite to cancer research and development of medicine.

Ok, that said, I promise that soon I’ll be back to my dreams, at least to my 3.5 years in London.


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