In my research, which is a part of preparation towards my travel destination, I have tried to find the best authentic examples that somehow characterize the country and makes my notion of it more colourful. Recently I’ve been browsing youtube in my search for contemporary Bolivian music scene. This is what I found from Bolivian Jazz. Maybe you can point me some other musicians. Will be highly appreciated 🙂


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  1. The band has hand many musicians throughout its history, but the current line up is>
    Keyboards and Compositions: René Saavedra

    Sax: Gustavo Valera

    Drums: Ramiro Iñiguez

    Bass guitar: Raúl Saavedra

    Zampoñas (planflutes): Winsor Chacón

    Quenas (some type of bolivian flute): Alejandro Alarcón

    There are not many bands in the bolivian jazz/contemporary scene, being “Bolivian Jazz” only of the only bands who remained constant, they have more than 10 albums recorded, that’s alot for a band in country with very small music industry. I can name you some other of the best bands around so you can check them out.
    AndeSwing, El Parafonista (for me the best, these guys really have fusioned jazz and bolivian music in a proper way), Danilo Rojas, and • Yayo Morales : Los Andes Jazz Project (this guy also kicks ass)

    I hope I have helped some. Have fun in Bolivia.

    • Ah, thank you so much! You’ve been enormously helpful. I’ll definitely check up musicians you mentioned. And can I ask? How do you know so well? Do you live in Bolivia or just have special interest?

      • I live in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I am musician as well, have played jazz some time ago, but definitely I am more into rock. Still I listen and appreciate jazz a lot…that’s how I know about what’s going on the bolivian music scene ^_^ and besides I am writing a thesis about bolivian jazz with that, the few I knew, the writing and research I made has skyrocketed my knowledge about music. I am about to finish it on these days.. I enjoyed every part of the process. ((: Did you already visit Bolivia? or are you coming on the following months?

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