Deszaire ia a Bolivian rock group formed in Lapaz in 1999. When they sold more than 5000 copies, they received the Gold Disc. Deszaire maintained their artistic style in which they are related with other Bolivian musical groups like OctaviaQuirquiñaSon Fusión y Atajo. They have also performed with international groups and artists like Kumbia KingsLa Factoria,Vilma Palma e VampirosJuanesVicentico and others. They have been in a concert tour through different Bolivian cities and also abroad in countries like ChilePerúColombiaMéxico and United States. In 2008 the group has been nominated for the Award “Ritmo Son Latino”.

Among their best known songs are: Loco, Reggae alone, Ri te vas, Todos mis anhelos, Poxi love, Sempiterno, Grabados del ayer, Eres, Deszamor, Toda la noche, Suicida, Vuela, Destrozame, Prisionero y Morir de amor, a musical theme, which they have reedited and which belongs to Spanish singer Miguel Bosé.


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