Times when I am sad or feel that inexplicable urgency that is slowly killing you, or at times when I just feel bad, I go to zoo. Animals are so content with themselves that look confident and proud even in captivity. So, when I recently felt a bad hair day again, I went to our local zoo. Riga zoo is quite old one, it opened in 1912. It is not remarkable as a fact since there are older zoos in the world and in Europe as well, Bristol zoo for example. Remarkable is a fact that it survived both world wars and still is thriving. I sometimes try to imagine those people who worked there then. It should have been a terrible experience. Such responsibility. Like with kids. War or not war, but the animals must be protected and safe.

Today the zoo is changing all the time. New animal houses are being built; animal collection is changing and the choice of educational programmes (lectures, excursions and classes) offered at the zoo is expanding. Therefore, if you haven’t been to the zoo for a year, many surprises await you.

zoo 006

zoo 028

zoo 036

zoo 050

zoo 056

zoo 060

zoo 065

zoo 069

zoo 067

zoo 090

zoo 094


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