This won’t be something from Bolivian cuisine. Just something that I concocted in my head. But the dish has clear Bolivian influence, I just had never eaten potatoes together with rice. I have to say that potatoes are widely used by Latvian households. We really love potatoes, and we love pork. Also rice is widely used to prepare meals, but never together with potatoes. Rice with other vegetables – yes, but not potatoes. Therefore great was my surprise when checking Bolivian recipes I found that potatoes were widely used with rice.

I think I have already said that I am not a great cook. I had never time to give food preparation too much attention. The most important was to use as little time as possible. I have made salads, soups and main dishes, mainly from meat and fish, but never desserts and pastries. I really admire women who can bake cakes and different pastries. But now, I just wanted to try something rice + potatoes, and see what I made:


1/2 kg fresh pork

3 big carrots

3 big potatoes

1 onion



garlic according to taste

1 big red paprika

2 sacks of Jasmin rice 2x 125 g

1 can red beans 400 g

1 can brown beans 400 g

1 can green peas 400 g

Start with meat and add one by one other ingredients in the above mentioned order,

Servings ? Honestly, I don’t know. I think it depends on how hungry you are 🙂

Tastes good! Enjoy!

pork stew 004

I got confused when wanted to put this post under a category and found that I have none matching this creation of mine. So I decided to use category Bolivian cuisine, becouse it was inspired by it. Just I think some amendments should be brought forward: Probably we can call it GLOBAL CUISINE, no?

Let’s see: Latvian love for pork and potatoes, Bolivian love for mix of potatoes and rice.  And Thai Jasmin rice.

Voila! Pork stew a la Sandrita (Sandrita it’s me Bolivian style 🙂


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