To get to know more about quinoa read here:

And here is a recipe for easy and nutritious quinoa soup. I have found this on I highly recommend this site for there you will find not only lot of information about the country, but also an access to online store where different works of  local craft are being sold.

Quinoa Soup
Quinoa is a food from the Altiplano. It has been cultivated by the rural peasants for many centuries for local use. Recently it became popular in Europe thanks to its high nutritional value, its taste and texture that make it adaptable to many dishes (salads, soups, soufflés, pies, desserts, etc.).RecipeIngredients– Vegetables (carrots, peas, fava beans, green beans, onions, etc)

– Quinoa

– Parsley, bay leaf, salt and pepper


– Chop vegetables.

– Fry vegetables, beginning with the onions.

– Toast quinoa.

– Place in enough water to cover all ingredients three times, and cook until vegetables are tender and rings of quinoa appear floating in the soup.

– Add bay leaf, salt and pepper.

– Serve with minced parsley


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