This recipe is taken from It is a soup recipe. Looks like it isn’t difficult to prepare, rather is difficult to find the ingredients like the locoto (spicy South American chili similar to the habanero), chuño (freeze-dried potato), quirquiña (herb), ají (spicy chili pod used to add color) and choclo (local corn on the cob).But the same site explains that you can replace these ingredients by substituting potatoes for chuño, cilantro for quirquiña,turmeric for ají, corn for choclo and Bell pepper or jalapeños for locoto. You can also omit them, depending on the dish.

Chairo is the Aymara word for soup, and it is a  traditional dish in the city of La Paz. It has pre-Colombian origins, and its basic ingredient is chuño (freeze-dried potato).



– 8 cups water

– 250 gr lamb

– 250 gr beef jerky

– 100 gr peeled fava beans

– 100 gr peas

– 100 gr chopped carrot

– 500 gr peeled and diced potatoes

– 120 gr ground chuño

– 120 gr cooked, ground corn

– 120 gr cooked wheat

– Chopped onion

– Black pepper

– Cumin

– Garlic

–  Salt

– Mint


– Boil the water and add the meats. Skim foam off the water and boil for one hour.

– Add fava beans, carrots, peas and potatoes; boil another 15 minutes.

– Add chuño, wheat and corn.

– Fry onion in a separate frying pan; add garlic, black pepper, cumin and salt.

– Add fried ingredients to the soup.

– Cook another 10 minutes.

– When done, serve sprinkled with chopped fresh mint.


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