This post is again deviation from my intended travel, but while I am here in Latvia, this is the only way to grab some sense of tropical atmosphere. You will ask: where? At the The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia. It was founded in 1922 and covers the area of 15 hectares and the under glass space of 1025 meters with more than 16 660 different plants (taxons-peaces) in it. The total number of various plants in the Botanical Garden is more than 8550 sort. The biggest part of the Garden is the tree nursery which covers the area of 9 hectares. There are more than 750 trees and shrubs in it. Notable collections are of Rhododendron, Juniperus, Dahlia, perennials, succulents.  The four buildings house tropical and sub-tropical plants like palm, avocado and pineapple trees. Since this botanical garden is one of the oldest in Europe, visitors have a chance to see 80-year-old fig trees and giant palms.

And what is the best, there is a Tropical butterfly house here. And it I went to visit yesterday. To enjoy beautiful tropical plants and butterflies, and to take photos.  I have to admit that after stepping into the tropical climate of the house from Latvian cold spring wheather, I panicked at the beginning. The reason is… simply I could not see anything because of simple change of climate. My glasses ans lens of my camera both got misted up, and the first frame happened like this

butterflies 026

OK in time it got better although I had to clean it all the time.

butterflies 034

butterflies 037

butterflies 046

butterflies 050

butterflies 057

butterflies 072

These, of course are not the only kinds of these ethereal creatures. Sure, there were many more. And butterfly house was not the only exhibit. When in Riga you definitely have to visit house of tropical plants as well.

butterflies 093

butterflies 094

butterflies 097

butterflies 105

butterflies 106

butterflies 114

butterflies 110

butterflies 127

butterflies 124

butterflies 128

 At this time of year we saw also azalias blooming in full.

butterflies 017

butterflies 021

As a special treat to curious was an exhibit of aphrodisiac plants. It’s spring by the way!

butterflies 087

butterflies 088

butterflies 089

And here is a link to their website, if you favour more information:


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