SWITZERLAND. Cheese and chocolate.

Emmental or Emmentaler is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the area around Emmental, in Switzerland. It is one of the cheeses of Switzerland, and is sometimes known as Swiss cheese. While the denomination “Emmentaler Switzerland” is protected, “Emmentaler” is not; as such, Emmentaler of other origin, especially from France and Bavaria, is widely available and even Finland is an exporter of Emmentaler cheese.

In cooking, it is often put on top of gratins, dishes which are then put in the oven to let the cheese melt and become golden-brown and crusty. It is also used for fondue, in which case it is blended with Gruyère cheese.

We visited one of the dairies where the famous Emmentaler is being produced. Of course there was a small shop within, where you could buy from a broad range of fresh produce.




A sheer proff that dairy products and being proud of your locality improves your mood and health in general :)

A sheer proof that dairy products and being proud of your locality improves your mood and health in general 🙂

The other source of pride here is famous Swiss chocolate. Ever since 1957, expert chocolatiers have been dedicating their efforts to the creation and production of the finest Swiss chocolate. We visited Alprose factory, situated in the picturesque backdrop of Caslano, is a short drive from Lugano, which belongs to the largest chocolate-manufacturing company in Switzerland.

We got there through beautiful Alpine fog.



Alprose_un_sokolade__Daudz_sok_3 (1)




I don’t have to add that the factory is open to tourists and guided tours through factory are available. It was sweeeeet!


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