Maybe somebody has noticed, maybe no, but there were some days of silence from me. Laziness? No. Just broken water pipes in my apartment and flooded neighbors down to the second floor. And big frustration, because needless to say that it took some part of my “dream money” and brought with it feeling that I am definitely stuck somewhere in the middle (The more so that I have just the previous day received last sum for translated book from the publishers). Just always available sheer existence money and not a pence more. And, needless to say again, there were couple of persons who managed to suggest that maybe I am just moving in the wrong direction. So in short, Saturday was a bad hair day, and it started already in the morning. I came from my salsa class in deep frustration and with wish to give up. You see, I have never done dancing in my life and I have had poor coordination since I was kid. To start something in that field now? Impossible. And flood on top of all this…  So Monday, Tuesday passed  keeping an eye on plumbers (a father and son) who turned out to be interesting and amiable people, son in love with his work and proud that he is creating something new every time when he fixes pipes and conditioners and all things, and his father an older retired but still bright and nice person turned out to have spent 35 years on making telescopes for astronomers and well known in his circles in Latvia. So, this much about our people and what it tells about them. After they were gone and everything in order again I started to reverse my thinking. 1) OK, I lost some money, but good that I had it, 2) I got to know couple of interesting people. And what regards to salsa: 1) Not that I was the worse among all the group 2) It is really great that there are so many ladies (the group is 40+) who at this age still want to learn something new, who want to move, to dance and dare to dream. I was really pleased that the group is so big, and that proves that no, I am not weird, I just hadn’t met the right people 🙂 So, full steam forward!

I just made some corrections, which I want to publish here. The first is: I have to keep in mind that native salsers start dancing from childhood:

Keeping that in mind I have to be VERY patient. Right? And if our dance teacher says that we will learn, there is no reason not to believe her 🙂

And second: I have found some tutorials in the net where the basic steps are taught, and I just have to try and practice at home:

Pasos basicos

Aqui estamos ahora

This is what we are learning now. More or less

So my dear friends, I can confess. Yes, I started to learn salsa dancing. Yesterday I went for the third class already! I am 52? It’s too late to dance? In your eye! I will!


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