“Aterciopelados” is a Colombian rock group in Spanish founded in 1990 as “Delia y los Aminoácidos”, but later changed its name to “Los Aterciopelados” in 1992. Please, listen to them. They are very diverse. Creative in their forms of expression.  And alternative 🙂

Led by Andrea Echeverri and Héctor Buitrago, they have been one of the first rock bands from Colombia to gain international notice and they are among the country’s top groups. Their music fuses rock with a variety of Colombian and Latin American musical traditions. ‘Timemagazine has written, “Aterciopelados’s true skill lies in its ability to take north-of-the-border musical styles…and breathe new life into them, all while giving them a distinctly Colombian sheen.” [1]

Additionally, Aterciopelados engages audiences all over the world with their socially conscious message. Honored by the United Nations for their work denouncing violence in Colombia, Aterciopelados speaks out about myriad issues including political injustice, women’s rights, and environmental destruction. The group has also received numerous awards, such as the Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album in 2007, for Oye (Nacional Records).[2]

In October 2008, Aterciopelados released a new studio album, Rio, on Nacional Records. The album received rave reviews from publications like Rolling Stone,[3] the Washington Post,[4] Billboard,[5] and from NPR‘s “All Things Considered.” [6] As Vibe Magazine said, “For Aterciopelados, maturity has become a form of liberation.”

Aterciopelados es un grupo colombiano de rock en español que tuvo su origen en 1990 bajo el nombre de “Delia y los Aminoácidos” pero posteriormente se cambió a “Los Aterciopelados” en 1992

Learn lyrics while listening the song BANDERA:



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