To reach Spain from Latvia, where I reside, means crossing several borders. First Lithuania, then Poland, Germany and France, and then at last it is Spain. When traveling in Europe, I take bus ride, because to my mind you can see more and to feel more than simply transferring from one point to another by plane. As to comfort, I am practically immune to lack of it, and comfort has never been one of my priorities. I admit, I cannot do without coffee and cigarette, but then everybody has their special weaknesses. I always choose our local operator Travel RSP, and never have been disappointed. They have really good prices, good planning and the best guides. And I will say in advance that this trip was really wonderful, we saw so much in very little time. Our first stop was Dresden. For art lover like me seeing Dresden Gallery was a must. But what thrilled me most was exhibition hall for new artists next to the Art academy.

They should be artists :)

They should be artists 🙂

Spain 2007-Dresden

Spain 2007- Dresden





Spain 2007 Dresden


Spain 2007_Dresden

Street musicians and performers have always fascinated me, therefore you often will see in my posts, and actually they often are good and sometimes throw such a show…, but I will never forget the man who sung an opera aria in London’s underground.

Then next what I remember was Avignon in France.

Famous Pont d'Avignon

Famous Pont d’Avignon

I think at this point everybody remembers the song from childhood about dancing on the bridge of Avignon. At least my children were taught this song at school (they attended French Liceum in Riga). For those who don’t remember, here is the song:

Not far from Avignon there were the remnants of the old Roman aqueduct. But most of all I liked the ambience of the city – something old and something half forgotten but very, very sweet.

Spain 2007Avinona

And then our bus was already approaching Spain, when we saw this awfully fast train.

Spain 2007 Avinona

Will be continued…


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