How it all started? Well, I have always felt close affinity to animals. So much so that I wanted to become vet, when I was a child. I became  translator from and to English instead, that’s because I liked languages, and when my children were small, it seemed to be the best way how to work from home. But since my husband passed away very early, I was left with three small kids and had to work too much. As a result I kinda collapsed one day and now when kids are big enough to be more or less independent I am trying to start living for myself at last, which is pretty daunting. Because when you want to change your life completely, it sometimes seem impossible when you are around 50 already.

But I have a dream.

Believe it or not, but I got very much inspired by Susan Boyle who also had a dream around 50 to become a professional singer, and she became one, although nobody believed her at the start. I think that everybody have seen that Britain Got Talent audition. If you do not remember, here is the story:

I have a dream, too. OK, I want to travel. Yes, I have travelled around Europe as a tourist. But some 10 years ago I was overcome by a weird attraction. And it is my Latin America dream. This attraction is like love, you cannot trash it aside. It just is there, and there is nothing you can do. At first I become interested in rainforests, ecology and environment issues, biodiversity and conservation work, and volunteering.



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